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Sustainability: The Raeya Way

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of environmental responsibility. We choose earth-consciousness in every detail of our business. Thank you for helping us revolutionize the fast fashion movement by purchasing sustainably.

Recycled Fabric

We repurpose post-consumer materials and spin them into our textile fibers. Our fabrics are made from pure recycled good to produce the highest-quality pieces on the market.

Clean Dyes

We guarantee our products are made using eco-conscious and clean dyes. Most market-wide industries use chemicals dyes that are harmful to the environment and skin.

Minimal Packaging

Our mailers are 100% biodegradable and recycle-able. We choose to protect your pieces in recycled tissue paper rather than plastic sleeves.

Ethical Production

We provide hundreds of individuals and families the opportunity for a better life as they work in our fair trade factory in Jiangxi. We guarantee safe and healthy working conditions, fair wages, and zero forced or child labor.

Carbon-Neutral Shipping

We purchase carbon off-sets for all your shipments so our shipping impact on the environment is net-zero. In other words, we plant trees with each order.

Looking forward to a

Brighter and Cleaner Future

We are proud to be the most sustainable activewear on the market. With every earth-conscious purchase, we're moving towards a healthier environment. Thank you for helping us on our mission to take care of you and the earth.

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