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Say goodbye to purchasing activewear every month.

We make high-quality garments you can keep forever. So you can take it easy on the earth AND your bank account.

Hi, my name is Anna.

I created Raeya because I wanted high-quality, sustainable fashion.

I felt frustrated when looking for new activewear because it was either wasn't made sustainably, didn't reflect my style, or wasn't luxury quality. I'm sure you can relate since you found yourself here. So I decided to create my dream activewear brand that has it all: sustainability, style, quality.

I've absolutely loved designing garments mindfully. I'm so particular with fabrics, cuts, colors, and styles -- I don't settle with any of our items. Each pieces is refined several times before release. I can confidently say I love and wear everything we bring to the market (which can be rare in this industry).

You can be confident you're investing in quality and flattering pieces with Raeya.

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Our Mission

We sustainably design luxurious activewear for the fashion-forward woman.

We don't follow trends or fads, we are very mindful about creating timeless fashion.

We have a positive impact on the environment by following sustainable practices in every aspect of our business.

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