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5 Sustainable Leggings and Sustainable Bike Shorts to Get You Moving

Calling all eco-conscious humans. You’ve landed here because you probably make responsible decisions to reduce your carbon footprint, with clothing being no exception. 

To help you shift your wardrobe to sustainable finds, we’ve rounded up the best sustainable leggings and bike shorts out there. What could be better than eco-friendly workout clothes to get you moving in Mother Nature? Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly yoga clothes or a sustainable running set, this is your list. We’ve ranked these eco-friendly leggings by price, usability, comfort, and eco friendly practices.

5 Sustainable Leggings

1. Cloud Seamless Sustainable Leggings
Cloud Seamless Sustainable Leggings Raeya Fit

    • Brand: Raeya Fit
    • Price: $44
    • Usability: High
    • Comfort: High
    • Eco-friendly practices: Recycled fabric, Recycled packaging, thoughtful production
    • Specs: High rise, compression, no front seam, invisible pocket, ⅞ length

    These leggings take the cake because of the quality, comfort, and versatility you get for the price. The reviews can’t be beat.

    2. Globe Compressive High-Rise Legging

      • Brand: Girlfriend collective
      • Price: $78
      • Usability: Medium
      • Comfort-level: High
      • Eco-friendly practices: sustainable materials, eco-friendly packaging
      • Specs: High-rise, compressive, length options, front seam

      These are a hit for if you’re looking for a staple legging. Come in many different neutral and trendy colors.

      3. Zinnia Legging

        1. Brand: Tala
        2. Price: $49
        3. Usability: Medium
        4. Comfort-level: High
        5. Eco-friendly Practices: Recycled fabrics
        6. Specs: High rise, compression, ribbed, no front seam

      You can’t beat the price on this performance-based legging. Comes in several neutral colors with ribbed fabric.

      4. The Do-It-All High Rise Full Length Leggings

        • Brand: Summer Salt
        • Price: $80
        • Usability: 
        • Comfort:
        • Eco-friendly practices: material from recycled plastic bottles, eco-friendly packaging
        • Specs: High rise, full length, front seam, compression, back pocket

        These leggings are for those with loud and fun activewear taste -- they come in various patterns and colors. As mentioned, these leggings are made to do-it-all, whether you’re working from home or hitting the gym. 

        5. Women’s High-Waisted Full-Length Bamboo Leggings

          • Brand: The Short Spine
          • Price: $88
          • Usability: High
          • Comfort-level: Medium
          • Eco-friendly practices: Bamboo materials, eco-friendly packaging, Carbon Neutral goal
          • Specs: high-waisted, full-length, front seam, pockets

          A basic black legging with pockets! Really versatile and an extra plus for the bamboo fabric that keeps you cool in the summer and warm during the winter.


          5 Sustainable Bike Shorts

          1. Cloud Seamless Sustainable Bike Shorts
          Cloud Seamless Sustainable Bike Shorts

            • Brand: Raeya Fit
            • Price: $29
            • Usability: High
            • Comfort: High
            • Eco-friendly practices: Recycled fabric, Recycled packaging, thoughtful production
            • Specs: High rise, no front seam, hidden inside pocket, 6" inseam

            I mean, if part of the product title is "Cloud" we know these are going to be a hit, right? This price seriously cannot be beat and the quality, usability and comfort level are top notch. It's a no-brainer purchase.

            2. Flow 7” Short

              • Brand: Outdoor Voices
              • Price: $58
              • Usability: High
              • Comfort-level: Medium
              • Eco-friendly practices: recycled materials, recycled packaging
              • Specs: 7" inseam, contouring seams, solid colors

              This heathered print comes in happy colors, is the perfect half-thigh length, and has contouring seams. Great reviews as well! 

              3. Onyx Pocket Bike Short

                • Brand: Wolven
                • Price: $58
                • Usability: High
                • Comfort-level: High
                • Eco-friendly practices: sustainable materials, carbon-neutral products
                • Specs: High-waisted, outer side pockets, 7.5 inseam

                Comes in great neutrals and has convenient side pockets! Great if you're looking for a bit more length.

                4. Kazuko Shorts

                  • Brand: Groceries Apparel
                  • Price: $58
                  • Usability: low
                  • Comfort-level: HIgh
                  • Eco-Friendly practices: recycled materials, organic and natural
                  • Specs: mid-waisted, shorter length

                  These are a great bike short if you like the "spandex" look and feel. Come in only black.

                  5. Biker Shorts

                    • Brand: Kaira Active
                    • Price: $59
                    • Usability: High
                    • Comfort-level: Medium
                    • Eco-friendly Practices: Ocean plastics fabric, recycled mailers
                    • Specs: 6" inseam, visible side pockets
                    Flattering fit, unique different fabric choice, and the staple black color.
                    We hope this list introduced new brands and products to explore and rate yourself. Let's all keep in mind: any sustainable purchase is a better one. Happy shopping!


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